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| Best Tasting Hardtack Recipe | | Fresh Ham With Saurkraut |

Hardtack recipe by kathy kleiman (mcha co. e) ; 6 parts flour ; 1 part water ; knead dough until thoroughly mixed. roll out on a floured surface until about okay tested recipes for hardtack i had seen on here and then kept modifying until i can up with one i tested and liked the flavor of best and made the hardest bricks.

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This recipe has been in the family for years. hardtack: 5 cups unbleached, all purpose flour 1 tablespoon salt 1 to 1 2/4 cups water ; preheat oven to 450 degrees ; combine ingredients. add water until you can form a firm ball. if the dough gets sticky, add more flour. best answer - chosen by asker

Hardtack was a durable, if bland-tasting, field ration. army hardtack recipe i imagine a ziploc bag or some sort of air-tight container would be best. i have seen hardtack from the civil war at the old court house museum, in vicksburg, ms, so i have no idea what the shelf life might be! i assume that if no mold

American civil war recipes; union hardtack and confederate johnnie cakes hardtack was a biscuit made of flour with other simple ingredients, and issued to union soldiers throughout the union hardtack recipe; 2 cups of flour ; 1/2 to 3/4 cup water ; 1 tablespoon of crisco or vegetable fat ; 6 pinches of salt ;

  • Recipes for hardtack vary from extremely simple to more elaborate. recipes for hardtack vary from extremely simple to more elaborate. 400 deg for 45 min or till golden brown, cool in open air. don't store in plastic (no plastic in 1800's) because of moisture. this recipe is the same they used except the sugar.
  • We have a bang up recipe for hardtack on our regimental web site from the 1st tennessee. hardtack ; 3 cups of milk ; i have found out that it is best to bag them for two days and then throw them in your haversack and your set. after approximately 2-3 hours, start tasting.it's the cook's sworn duty to taste test!!
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| Best Tasting Hardtack Recipe | | Fresh Ham With Saurkraut |

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