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as the important for the punishment enema is make sure the recipes make the unbelievale cramp and impossible for holding long time, force person to hold for the long time and make them expel in front of other people;topic=3646.0

Hang enema bag about 18 in. to 3 ft. above rectum. statements contained within these recipes are for informational purposes only. these recipes are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. if pregnant or lactating or have an existing medical condition consult your healthcare provider before using.

Duckies punishment enema i enjoyed reading your enema recipes. here is one that you didn't have. do you have anymore ideas for a good punishment enema?

Click here to view some of my own recipes and suggestions; click here for links to many other enema resources and shopping sites. they are nice addition to a punishment enema collection. i like to use them for low-volume soapy enemas. using 1 -2 cups of water, adding soap, then shaking it up and then pushing on the bag

Does anyone have any good and simple punishment enema recipes that will produce good cramping effects? have read about soap,

Colonic risk for gi malignancy from ovarian tumor - punishment enema recipes : be careful though, all colon cleansing should be talked about with a doctor

Library - | enema. paula gets an enema · payback · peeking at auntie · penny and polly give thomas an enema · penny's punishment

A taste of thai garlic pepper sauce; a taste of thai garlic pepper sauce.this is a very popular sauce that is included in hundreds of recipes. colon blow "a red habanero enema"; colon blow "a red habanero enema" a sauce that will put your ass on fire and leaves you waha (mouth) watering for more satisfying punishment.

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| Enema Recipes Punishment | | How To Make Canned Pinto Beans In Microwave |

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