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as page about carnation instant breakfast breakfast bar from a list of people's favorite 80s food i loved the 80's carnation instant breakfast bar. they were soooo good. they came in a nice yellow wrapper (for that time) which was foil based to seal in all the goodness.

Anyone remember the carnation instant breakfast bars? they came in similar flavors to the drink mix. in the 80's i guess. anyone know if those are still around? and carnation instant breakfast bars are on the list! not a big fan of carnation breakfast bar (unless topped with vanilla ice-cream, hot fudge and whipped cream)

I'm so glad to discover there are fellow mourners out there who feel the loss deep in their souls of the carnation breakfast bar. my aunt dixie always had them at her house and i couldn't wait to go to sleep so i could wake up the next morning and have one.

My quest for a carnation instant breakfast bar in stores now my mom would occasionally get carnation instant breakfast bars. they were sooooo good - they had this weird hard chalky unfortunetly, by the time i reached employement age, they stopped making them the same way and they turned them into some "chewy" type bar.

A while back i saw a recipe for homemade carnation instant breakfast, of course i didnt write it down, and now i wish i had. can someone please send me that recipe? thank you, jamish from ransom, kansas

Carnation breakfast bars. does anybody know where how i can find out how to write something to the carnation instant breakfast people about a cereal bar that came out in the 80s? carnation instant breakfast recipe

A brandlandusa reader wishes to bring back carnation breakfast bar, a popular food of the 1970s. nothing like a good ole carnation instant breakfast bar. the are easy on the taste buds, easy to carry in a purse or lunch bag and are a terrific food item for those of us who don’t like or have time for breakfast.

I too crave the crunchy goodness of the chocolate chip carnation instant breakfast bar. haven't found anything i like as well as i don't care for sticky gooey bars. even did a site search in hopes carnation had come to their senses!

Carnation breakfast bars; - i've heard they are available in canada (september 2001) ; - i've heard they are available on the west coast ; - i've also heard they are cadbury wispa candy bars; - still available all over the uk, and in specialty shops in the us ; - nestle also sells a similar looking "aero" bar in the uk,

With the exception of carnation instant breakfast, the other supplements we reviewed list water and corn syrup or corn syrup solids as their first two ingredients. are nutritional energy drinks better than a candy bar?

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| Carnation Instant Breakfast Bar | | Orion Smoker Recipes |

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